2 brothers found dead inside Lockport townhome were shot

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FOX 32 NEWS - Two drywallers that were found dead inside a townhome Tuesday morning in southwest suburban Lockport were shot to death.

David Ceja-Sanchez, 35, and Marco Ceja-Sanchez, 37, each suffered a single fatal gunshot wound, the Will County coroner’s office announced Wednesday evening.

The Aurora residents were discovered when their coworkers showed up at the work site about 6:30 a.m. in the 16100 block of Coneflower Drive, according to Lockport police and the coroner’s office.

Their deaths are being investigated as a double homicide, authorities said. No one was in custody.

FOX 32 confirmed that the two brothers were drywallers working for a subcontractor for a new subdivision being built by M/I Homes.

“It's a little nerve racking, it definitely is a little, I literally moved into this home Saturday so it's kind of scary, but you just got to keep your guard up,” said neighbor Karen Velazquez.

Investigators were seen moving bags of evidence between vehicles, including a large one that may have been a piece of drywall. It was sealed in evidence paper to preserve any forensic material for testing.

Earlier Tuesday, a tow truck took away a pickup truck believed to belong to one of the victims. A neighbor said he saw two vehicles used by the drywallers outside the townhome Monday morning around 6 AM. He said there were both still there last night after 6 PM and parked in the exact same spots Tuesday morning.

“Leaving for work today around 6 AM, 6:15, superintendent came urgently running over to me and was asking if I'd seen or heard anything and that's kind of when I knew that something wasn't right. I assumed it was a break in or something so I asked him. He said no it's a bigger situation than that,” said neighbor Rick Hadlock.

No one in this new subdivision apparently heard or saw anything suspicious. Police have found some security camera video in the area that they hope will help in the investigation.

Police also tried to calm some of the communities concerns.

“There's no reason to believe the community is in danger, it appears that the incident is isolated within that townhouse,” said Lockport Police Chief Terry Flemming.

The police chief told FOX 32 the men usually worked a 7-to-3 shift and did not have lighting inside to work after dark. It’s possible they died as early as 4 p.m. Monday.