2 immigrant boys detained in Chicago are closer to reuniting with their families

Two immigrant boys detained in Chicago are desperately trying to reunite with their fathers.

This is not a done deal even though a judge made a reunification order. The fathers' attorneys expect to learn more in a status hearing Wednesday morning.

Like thousands of children being held in shelters after illegally crossing the border with their parents, two Brazilian boys who have been stuck in Chicago are one step closer to seeing their fathers again.

“It’s certainly hopeful that there's another reunification in the short term,” said attorney Britt Miller.

Miller says a federal judge ordered that the boys, ages 16 and 9, be released within 72 hours from when the court order is posted, which may be on Wednesday.

“In this situation, there was actually an expert testimony that spoke to the irreparable harm that was being done to these two boys by being separated by their father,” Miller said.

Miller also aided in the release of two other Brazilian boys held in Chicago. In the past two weeks, both were handed over to their mothers which makes the situation different.

In the current case, Miller says the fathers are not free but being held in New Mexico facing criminal charges for entering the country illegally while seeking asylum.

“As I understand it, Judge Chang did not order the release of these two fathers from detention so it’s not clear they may be reunified, but it’s not clear that they will be released on their own recognizance anytime soon,” Miller said.

The Trump administration missed Tuesday’s deadline of reuniting migrant children ages 5 and under with their families -- only about one/third were reunited.

The administration has apparently flip-flopped on the catch and release program. They may now allow migrant families to be released wearing ankle monitors rather than be detained.