2 owls have nested at valley HS, live cam set up for the world to wait and see

With animal cams being very popular these days from the bald eagles in DC to April the Giraffe in Florida, a valley high school is getting in on the livestream fun.

Shadow Ridge High School's mascot might be a stallion, but it's these campus creatures that are really turning heads.

"What we have here is two horned owls. They are nesting up on top of the pillar up here. One is a male, one is a female. We have two eggs," said Andrew Scott, a student.

Meet Shadow and Ridge -- two owls on the brink of internet stardom.

"I decided to put up a camera so the kids could view her instead of coming out here and scaring them," said Wendy Klarkowski, the school's resource officer.

Shadow, the female, spends most of her day protecting the two eggs in her nest.

Ridge likes to spend his time keeping watch in the rafters.

It takes about a month for the eggs to hatch, and then another six weeks before the baby owls will fly. And there's a good chance they'll return next year.

"They mate for life, they're territorial so once they nest in an area they'll normally come back," said Klarkowski.

For students, it's a chance to experience nature firsthand.

"I've never even seen an owl in real life until they came here," said Scott.

"The teachers are livestreaming it in classrooms so they're talking about it in class, as well," said Klarkowski

And these owls are going global. People as far away as Singapore are logging on to check them out.

"I think it's going to be crazy, I think the cuteness factor of it, I think we're all going to really appreciate it," said Scott.

"Just another way for me to have something to connect with the kids about, something on a positive level," said Klarkowski.

And that's something to hoot about.