2 teens say they were attacked for writing 'Biden 2020' on Chicago sidewalk with chalk

Two Chicago teens say they were attacked at a South Loop park after writing "Biden 2020" on a sidewalk with chalk.

Alexis Hadac says she and her friend, who were babysitting a couple of kids, visited the park late Wednesday morning when they found some chalk and wrote the message.

A few minutes later, Hadac says two people came by, words were exchanged and then she says she and her friend were attacked.

Hadac says she now has a mild concussion and her friend is in pain, having trouble walking. Police are investigating, but say no one is currently in custody.

Hadac says she still cannot understand why it all happened.

“I told my friend, I'm like call 911, I'm gonna’ follow her. As I start following her, we get maybe four feet, that's when she turned around and grabbed me by the side of my hair, and she's you know, she's pulling my hair and she's trying to hit me in my face and my neck, my, anywhere she can hit me. And then finally, I am able to get her off me so we kind of fall into the bushes, she fell down first,” Hadac said.

The attacked has inspired the two teens to host what they are calling a "Chalk Out" event at the park on Saturday. They are asking people to fill the sidewalk with messages of love.