3 arrested after impeding traffic in Carol Stream; 1 accused of jumping on semi-truck

Three Chicago area men are facing charges after impeding traffic in Carol Stream Wednesday night. 

At about 6 p.m., Carol Stream police officers encountered a group of individuals at the intersection of North and Gary avenues near the roadway.

Several of the individuals entered the intersection and began impeding traffic along North Avenue, which is a multi-lane highway, police said. 

One of the individuals jumped on a semi-truck.

Officers provided warnings to the individuals to disperse or face possible arrest.

Despite the orders, several individuals remained in the roadway and refused to comply.

Due to the high volume of traffic traveling through the intersection at that time, police said it became a significant safety concern for individuals and motorists.

Officers eventually took five individuals into custody. Three of them are facing criminal charges.

A suspect from Chicago and a suspect from Addison were charged with acting with groups, mob action and resisting arrest. They were processed and released.

A suspect from Carol Stream was charged with threatening a public official, acting with groups, mob action and resisting arrest. He was held for a pretrial detention hearing.

No injuries were reported.