3 Floyds permanently closes in Munster

One of the most popular spots in Munster, 3 Floyds Brewing, will not reopen after being closed for seven months.

Three Floyds wrote in a letter to investors on Dec.1 that they decided to close for good. 

The owner didn’t believe reopening was safe because too many people would pack in, despite having 2,000 square feet of space.

Three Floyds has been one of the nation’s most influential craft breweries since starting up in 1996.


In Lake County, restaurants and bars can have 50 percent capacity.

The CEO of the Indiana Resturant and Lodging association has a strong message for congress. 

“We have thousands upon thousands of people that will not be making their rent payments, their car payments or their utility payments. I don’t know what Congress needs to get off of their tales to face the hard reality that people in the hospitality industry are facing daily,” said Patrick Tamm.

“With PPE in place and PPP loans, that would be a great support because if not we could lose 58 percent of our restaurants. They could close down with no indoor dining and no stimulus and no second round of PPP,” said Sam Toia of the Illinois Restaurant Association.