3 World Trade Center rises downtown

A new building at the World Trade Center site is starting to take shape. Rising in the shadows of One World Trade lies the framework for a building that rounds out Lower Manhattan's revitalization and the progress report New Yorkers hoped they'd receive.

14 years after terrorists attempted to bring New York to its knees, Lower Manhattan is back and better, than it was before September 11, 2001, says developer Larry Silverstein. People are living in, working in, and visiting Lower Manhattan in ways they didn't before. Silverstein says 60,000 new families now call Lower Manhattan home. [SEE PHOTOS]

Towers One, 7 and 4 are completed. Tower 2 is still in its planning stages. And after significant stops and starts, Tower 3 is on its way up. 3 World Trade Center sits at 175 Greenwich Street. It is expected to open in early 2018. Eventually it will stand at more than 80 stories with 2.8 million rentable square feet of space. What makes it unique is the open floor, curtain-free layout. Once built with financial institutions in mind, now creative companies are clamoring for a spot to apart of this special complex.

Inside the building, the progress is palpable. As we walked around we saw steel being hoisted, electrical wiring being laid, and a special fireproof coating being applied. Silverstein's people say that prevents the steel from melting the way it did on September 11.

But perhaps what makes it so special are some of the men and women working the job. Frank Hussey is the superintendent of 3 World Trade Center. From an antenna on a neighboring building, he watched the planes attack the trade towers. He watched as the scene unfolded not knowing if he would survive or if he'd be back. But he came back that next day and every day since.