30 dogs ready for adoption after being rescued from deplorable conditions in NW Indiana

Dozens of dogs and cats were rescued from a hoarding situation after a fire in northwest Indiana.

When the fire department responded to the house, 43 dogs and 48 cats were found to be living in deplorable conditions.

But now — a majority of the dogs will be ready for foster-to-adoption this weekend.

Several Chihuahuas that are up for adoption never saw the light of day and had never been outside. It is unknown what they were fed, but authorities said they were living in a home where every inch was covered with urine and feces. 


Border Trails Rescue, a licensed no-kill animal shelter for dogs in Northbrook, took them in.

The 43 dogs found never visited a vet and have medical needs that will cost $25,000. The shelter is currently accepting donations.

"There are a lot of skin issues going on, everyone had live fleas, so lots of flea dermatitis going on, lots of skin that we're still kind of, we're doing skin scrapes on everyone, it takes time. So, Mange, we have cherry eye, the super-senior mama, she is going to be a hospice case, she does have a very large mass in her spleen," said the Founder and Executive Director of Border Trails Rescue.  

Thirty dogs will be available to foster and then adopt this weekend. During the foster-to-adopt period, their medical needs will be covered.

The dogs are one and two years old.

For more information, visit their website.