4 things you'll most likely pay more for in 2018: airfare, houses, groceries and college

If you're trying to budget for the new year, you might want to take a few price hikes into consideration.

The Global Business Travel Association predicts a 3.5 percent increase in airfare this year, partially due to a rise in oil prices. That hike could carry over into train, bus and gas prices, too.

Next - if you're looking for a new home – Marketwatch.com says expect prices to climb about 4 percent this year.

The bump comes off a big increase in prices in 2017 and experts say it's spurred by single-family home construction.

Next up – groceries, starting with wine. Extreme weather in places like Italy, France, and of course - California - mean grape harvests in 2018 could be the worst they've been in decades.

The USDA's consumer pricing index also predicts you'll pay more for eggs, meat and fresh fruit this year.

And last - expect to pay even more for college. 

Collegeboard. org says tuition will go up about 2.4 percent at private schools and about three percent at public ones.