5 Chicago mayoral candidates participate in heated forum ahead of election

Even without Bill Daley, who dropped out at the last moment before the Chicago Mayoral Forum, there were some real fireworks at the Union League Club Thursday night. 

Instead of Daley, who dropped out due to an endorsement press conference by a Plumbers Union, Paul Vallas quickly stepped to the podium. 

“I’ve always had a vision to replace a Daley,” Vallas said, as laughter filled the room. 

The one hour, commercial-free debate covered a range of topics from taxes and education, to violence on the streets of Chicago. 

One question: How do we catch the killers? 

“We have to look at the communities holistically that are struggling with violence and invest in them invest in education,” said Toni Preckwinkle.  

“We need to elevate more people to the ranks of detective,” said Susana Mendoza. 

Gery Chico says he would replace Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. 

“One person can change an entire organization and culture,” said Chico. “Behavior needs to be modeled from the top.” 

Questions didn't just come from Fox 32's Political Editor but from the audience. 

One question from the audience: Would you be able to work with President Trump?

“I’m a businessman, I will work with anyone who’s going to give money to help the community whether you are white black or whoever you are,” said Willie Wilson.  

“At the end of the day, I'm not going to turn anybody away who wants to give me money,” said Vallas. "I will invite him to Chicago.” 

The night wrapped up with closings from all five vying to be Chicago’s next mayor, including a 30-second prayer from Wilson.