5 Illinois residents sue makers of e-cigarettes

An illustration shows a man exhaling smoke from an electronic cigarette. A vaping-related death in Oregon is the second to occur nationwide, and the first linked to a product purchased from a pot shop. (Photo by EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty Images)

Five Illinois residents have joined the ranks of young people nationwide to sue the makers of e-cigarettes that allege the companies' marketing tactics targeted them when they were minors.

The Chicago Tribune reports the plaintiffs are suing in federal court top e-cigarette producer Juul Labs and its parent company, Altria Group, and Pax Labs. Altria Group also owns tobacco giant Phillip Morris. The five - all between 18 and 20 - contend in their federal lawsuit that vaping caused shortness of breath and other health problems and caused their addictions to nicotine. Their attorneys say the five aren't among the hundreds of people hospitalized nationwide in recent months for respiratory illness linked to vaping.

In a statement, Juul denies marketing their products to minors. Pax Labs couldn't be reached for comment.