911 call: “Yes, I killed my mother and my wife”

This brief but chilling 911 call sent a swarm of deputies to the Highgrove subdivision on Dec. 7.

“Yes, I killed my mother and my wife,” said 911 caller Johnny Edwards IV. He went on to say, “Johnny Edwards at 130 Coventry Court, I’ll be outside.”

Inside the brick home on Coventry Court, deputies discovered two women's bodies in the afternoon: The murder suspect's mother, Dr. Kathy Edwards, 57, and his pregnant wife, Venus Quanteh, 31.

The Fayette County Coroner's Office said they both died from blunt force trauma.

“The one thing that means so much to me, he took it away from me,” said Amelia Binda, Quanteh’s mother, over video chat.

Born in Liberia but currently living in Colorado, Binda is now the sole caretaker of Quanteh’s 12-year-old daughter, Princess.

Dr. Kathy Edwards’ youngest son, Trent, started a scholarship fund for Princess. He wrote, “She has lost so much and we want to help secure her future.”

Johnny Edwards IV and Quanteh, married for nearly two years, just moved in with Dr. Kathy Edwards a few weeks ago, according to Binda.

She told FOX 5 the pair were surrounded by a loving family, but Binda admitted she noticed signs about the husband that bothered her.

She described how Johnny Edwards said he felt like people were out to get him.

“Although, I stayed a little bit skeptical of Johnny, I knew her living with that family that she was going to be safe,” said Binda. “But I never knew [he] would go to that extent.”

The sheriff's office said they believe this was an isolated incident and that Johnny Edwards is the lone suspect. No word on a motive.

Binda said, if she could say something to the murder suspect now she'd say, "Why, why, why Johnny, why?"

She has since started a fundraiser on Facebook in an effort to bring Quanteh’s body back home to Denver. Binda said she recently had foot surgery from an injury in Liberia and therefore is not working, which is why she is seeking financial aid.

While they declined to comment, the family of Dr. Kathy Edwards told FOX 5 everyone is welcome to commemorate the life of the prominent doctor on Dec. 13 at Dogwood Church at 11 a.m.

Emory Healthcare confirmed that she worked as a physician at Emory at Peachtree City – Primary Care clinic. “Our prayers and thoughts go out to her family, coworkers, patients and the entire community during this sad time,” a spokesperson wrote in a statement to FOX 5.


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