94-year-old woman fighting Elgin to keep her 'Impeach Trump' sign

A 94-year-old woman is fighting the city of Elgin to keep her yard sign that says "Impeach President Trump Now."

But the city claims it is the size of the sign, not the message, that is breaking the rules.

Elgin city officials have made it clear that the sign should not stay up, but the 94-year-old homeowner says it's her way of staying politically active.

“I can’t march anymore and I’m not great at protests cause it’s cold and chilly and windy, and I’m on a walker that doesn’t make it very good. But I can put up a sign!” said Elgin resident Myra Becker.

Becker says she put up the yard sign, which reads “Impeach President Trump Now,” back in February. She's had no issues until this week when she says an Elgin code officer stopped by to tell her the sign must come down within 24 hours -- not because of the message -- but due to its size.

She's learned city code allows for signs to be 3 square-feet. Hers is 11 square feet.

A city spokesperson tells The Daily Herald that Becker could get a written violation and a fine. Becker says she won’t take it down, but also doesn't want to break the law.

“I didn't think about the code. I should have, but I didn't,” she said. “I’m going to try to figure out how we can make it conform to the requirements and we will see how that works out.”

Becker’s sign maker is coming Wednesday to see if they can make it smaller.

She actually made three signs. She gave one to a neighbor who's already taken it out of their yard and the other one is in her garage. She made it just in case someone stole the first one.