A quick lesson in driving during the winter

FOX 32 NEWS - Warmer days and colder nights could mean slick spots on the pavement for drivers. FOX 32 spent Wednesday afternoon at Joliet's Autobahn Country Club for a quick lesson in driving in the winter.

Professional race car driver and defensive driving teacher Tony Kester showed FOX 32 the difference between stopping on a wet surface and stopping on a snowy surface.

Hitting the brakes at exactly the same time, it took 33 feet to come to a stop on the dry pavement and 102 feet to come to a stop in the snow.

Kester said assume all bridges are slick in the winter when it’s cold and pay attention while driving, in the winter and all the time.

Also, Kester suggested giving yourself plenty of room between your car and the one in front of you. If you have to slam on your brakes, you are going to need room. In the demonstration, it took an additional 70 feet of braking distance in the snow.

"If you see someone hit their brakes, you have to start braking before you think you need to,” said Kester. “You don’t know, you might have perfect traction or you might have no traction, you got to be aware of that."

He said when your anti-lock braking system kicks in, don't pump the brakes - just hit the brake.

The biggest shocker of the lesson – it’s no longer 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, now it’s 9 and 3.

Kester said in case the airbag blows, your arms will hit you in the face at 10 and 2.