Accused sexual predator used 'Fortnite' to target victims, authorities say

A 9-year-old girl was sent to rehab after she refused to stop playing video game Fortnite. (Epic Games)

Florida man has been accused of having sex with an underage girl he met through the popular online video game “Fortnite,” authorities have said.

On Thursday, the Florida Attorney General’s Office announced it had arrested 41-year-old Anthony Gene Thomas on charges including unlawful sex with a minor and child pornography. Perhaps as many 20 other victims could be affected, investigators believe.

Officials say the 17-year-old victim initially had contact with a 23-year-old woman, who then introduced the victim to Thomas. Thomas and the woman arranged in August to pick up the teen in Brevard County and bring her back to Broward County.

Law enforcement served a search warrant in October. Authorities say Thomas had pornographic images and videos of the victim on his phone.

No charges were immediately filed against the woman.

Jail records didn’t list an attorney for Thomas.

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