Accusers of Father George Clements call for Chicago priest to be added to clerical predators list

An attorney for five accusers of a well-known Chicago priest is calling for his name to be added to the list of clerical predators.

Father George Clements died in 2019. He once led the "One Church-One Child" program helping churches find adoptive parents for orphaned Black children.

In recent years, the Chicago Archdiocese has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements involving Clements.


However, his name has not been added to the clergy's list of alleged sex abusers.

"Transparency, listing credibly accused priests publicly by a diocese, Arch Diocese is very important in the healing process for many clergy sexual abuse victims," said attorney Mitchell Garabedian. "Because it is an acknowledgment that the sexual abuse was not the victim's fault."

Last month, the archdiocese of Chicago expanded the list of alleged sex abusers by 72 names.