AcroYoga: The anti-gym workout

For those who are excited to reach out and touch someone after more than a year of quarantine, AcroYoga might be the workout for you.

The partner workout that combines acrobatics and yoga is becoming popular worldwide.

"It's definitely a good workout for your sense of humor and your communication skills at the same time," said AcroYoga Global co-founder Joey Stafford-Abbott.


The practice was developed in the 90s. The classes can be streamed online and are taught by instructors from all over the world.

"You could take a class from someone in Brazil, take a class from someone in Malaysia, take a class from some people in Italy," said AcroYoga Global co-founder Jill Campbell.

Campbell, Stafford-Abbott and colleague Aaron Levy launched AcroYoga Global a year ago. Classes are offered in eight different languages, with students and teachers from 38 different countries.

During a live instruction, classes begin with simple partner exercises and transition to poses where partners stack on top of each other. Instructors demonstrate the moves and then critique students in real time. Each class is about 45 minutes. Partner classes are offered seven days a week at $15 each. There are also solo classes for $7.

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