After being shot, Clinton Township mom and her new baby are expected to be okay

A pregnant Clinton Township woman who was shot in the stomach on her way to work Thursday morning is expected to be okay, and she just gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

"That baby's going to be a strong baby," chuckled Miss Pat. "They're both going to be alright. That's all I care about, both of them are going to be alright."

However, it was only hours ago that Miss Pat and Aisha Moore, the woman who was shot, weren't so sure things would be alright.

Prior to Jan. 16, Moore's Facebook page was filled with photos of her pregnancy. Including ultrasounds and posts revealing an excited first-time mom-to-be.

Then, around 7 a.m. while the 31-year-old Moore was walking to her car on her way to work, she was shot after someone walked up to her. The incident happened near 16 Mile and Harper, at the Eastwood Village Apartments.

"It sounded like cars crashing or something. The first thing she said was 'Miss Pat, help me. I've been shot,'" said Pat.

Pat lives in the same building as Moore. After she heard banging on her door, she saw Moore bleeding from her stomach. She recalled Moore saying 'oh my god, not my baby.'

The victim was already on the phone with 911 when Pat opened the door. She said she didn't know the man that had walked up to her with a gun and fired. 

"She said 'don't do this, please don't do this' or something to that effect," Pat said. "She said she just fell down and played dead and they ran off."

"She said she never saw the person before in her life - she did say that," added Pat.

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Clinton Township Police report a man was seen leaving the scene, escaping into the passenger side of a black SUV. Neighbors are shocked at the turn of events.

"Horrible - things like that should not be happening in this world. It's sad," said Kristen Steele, who lives nearby.

"It's scary, but things like this happen everywhere. It's the city, it's the times, it's going to happen," said Cynda Curley, another nearby resident.

Moore was brought into surgery and her baby was successfully delivered via C-section. Both are in stable condition. 

Neither her nor Pat know why someone would want to hurt Moore. Both are just pleased everyone is okay.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Clinton Township Police.