'Ales for ALS': Lombard brewery raising money to fight ALS

They’re brewing up something special at one west suburban craft brewery, and it’s all for a good cause.

Noon Whistle in Lombard is among 200 breweries nationwide taking part in the Ales for ALS program.

"They really should have a cure for this. And what a great way for us as a brewery to donate money back," said Paul Kreiner, owner of Noon Whistle Brewing.

Kreiner is raising money to fight ALS the best way he knows: by getting ready to brew up an IPA you’ve never tasted before and will never taste again.

Noon Whistle will receive more than $1000 worth of donated hops from a grower in Yakima, Washington, which sponsors the Ales for ALS campaign.

It’s a proprietary blend of experimental hops, which makes for a one-of-a-kind beer.

"We’ve had some great blends. Unfortunately, we can never make the beer again because it’s a new blend every year," said Kreiner.


Noon Whistle will make 15 barrels of the specialty beer, which works out to about 3700 pints. And a dollar from each of those pints will go to help fight ALS.

"We’ve been hit by it a little closer. A friend of the family has been hit with it. And now it means that much more to us that we’re donating back to the cause that hopefully will make a difference," said Kreiner.

Because craft beer is as much about community as tasty pilsners and ales, customers can’t wait to help out.

"They know when it comes out. It’s always brewed around the same time. And they’re always waiting for it to come out. We’ve already received calls and people are waiting for it," said Kreiner.

Kreiner expects to begin brewing in two weeks, with the Ale for ALS ready to pour in about a month.