All Illinois daycares to reopen May 29 when residents begin returning to work

We are learning more from Governor JB Pritzker about what Phase 3 of his reopening plan will look like, and it includes childcare for all workers.

All of Illinois appears to be on track to move into Phase 3 of the governor’s “Restore Illinois” plan next Friday. That's when manufacturers, offices, retail, barbershops and hair salons will open with limits. Masks will still be required.

Childcare will now become essential to the thousands returning to work.

“If we don't have childcare, a large portion of the workforce, especially women who too often bear a disproportionate burden, will be without any way to move forward without caring for their child themselves,” Pritzker said Friday.

Currently, more than 2,500 childcare providers are open for essential workers. Now, 5,500 childcare providers will be allowed to open gradually.

“For the first four weeks that they're open, providers will be able to serve no more than 10 children per classroom,” the governor said.

That number will then increase in a month to roughly 30-percent for most facilities.

“With all centers and homes online, this would bring us to more than three quarters of our previous childcare landscape in Illinois,” Pritzker said.

Providers must encourage social distancing and kids over the age of two will be asked to wear masks.