Allegations of animal abuse prevalent at organic dairy farm

After another undercover investigation, the Animal Rescue Mission (ARM) is calling out another major U.S. dairy farm it says routinely abuses cows. This time, it's a Texas-based organic dairy farm.

Weeks after it exposed some disturbing abuse at Fair Oaks Farms in northwest Indiana, the ARM says this latest undercover investigation found evidence of animal abuse and cows living in filth at Natural Prairie Dairy, in northern Texas.

"It is evident now more than ever that the inhumane treatment and confinement and that organic dairy is no exception," said AJ Garcia, ARM.

ARM says Natural Prairie Dairy's barns are feces-ridden, that the cows are force-fed, that sick and injured cows are routinely neglected, and exposed to violent abuse.

"Within the first few hours of employment, the ARM investigator witnessed extreme and violent animal cruelty," said Garcia. "On a daily basis, cows were tormented. They were hit, kicked, and stabbed with screwdrivers by the vet-tech crews and animal caregivers."

"We're asking all consumers to use their purchasing power to protect these animals from further cruelty and abuse," said Garcia. 

The COO of Fairlife denied being supplied by the farm depicted in these videos.

While leadership at Fairlife denies being involved with ARM's latest investigation, Natural Prairie Dairy has yet to respond.