Alleged killer's incriminating Facebook photo may be his downfall

An accused killer in New Jersey posted a photo of himself wearing the same clothes he wore during an alleged murder, leading police to a prompt arrest.

Matthew Tanner, 36, posted a picture to Facebook shortly after he allegedly slayed Daquan Basnight, 30. Police found Basnight in the street when they responded to gunshots detected by the city’s ShotSpotter system at 12:20 a.m. on Aug. 1.

The next day, Tanner posted a photo that showed him wearing black pants, a black T-shirt and white reflective shoes – the same outfit that police had identified for the suspect in the murder, the Trentonian reported.

High-quality surveillance footage from nearby businesses captured images of the killer, which police say matched the photo Tanner posted. The footage caught the killer as he fled towards a nearby alley.

Additional footage showed Tanner walking towards his last known address.

Police requested that the Facebook page remain preserved while officers obtained a data warrant.

Police then used "open source intelligence tools" to find Tanner’s profile on Facebook, where they found the photo that allowed them to match Tanner’s image to that of the killer.

Police have not offered any motive or suspected theories as to why Tanner allegedly killed Basnight, according to


Tanner faces a first-degree murder charge, along with multiple weapon offenses, CBS 3 Philadelphia reported. 

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