Alsip cancer survivor's truck stolen over the weekend located in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood

A young cancer survivor’s stolen truck has been found.   

An anonymous tip led the Alsip teen to Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, where the truck was spotted in an empty lot.   

"So relieved, this is the best scenario that could have happened in this situation," said Jacob Watson, the truck’s owner.  

It was restored last summer by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and gifted to Jacob after his long battle with bone cancer.  

Over the weekend, the red, 2002 Ford F-250 was stolen from the parking lot of the Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park.  

The truck had belonged to Jacob’s late grandfather. 

The family was heartbroken. Now, they are thankful. 


"I got an anonymous phone call last night. They said the area that it was in, and so I had a family member that was actually around there at the same time. They went to go check it out and went to see if it was actually true because we've gotten so many false leads. It was there," said Watson.

Police have not identified who stole the truck.  

The rear driver’s side window was damaged along with the ignition.