Amazon workers stage Cyber Monday walkout at Joliet facility

Amazon workers walked off the job at the company’s Joliet facility overnight.

Roughly two dozen employees participated in a demonstration outside the MDW2 cross-dock facility in Joliet, a central hub with products coming from around the world to be sorted and distributed to regional fulfillment centers. The facility operates around the clock.

The employees were joined by Warehouse Workers for Justice, an advocacy group for warehouse industry workers. They are demanding a living wage, improvements in workplace safety and policies to ensure dignity at work. 

They chose to demonstrate on Cyber Monday to send a message to Amazon that they, the workers, "make the company’s record-breaking profits possible."


Workers said in May, they discovered racist and threatening graffiti in the bathroom and the company took no action.

The workers returned to their jobs after about an hour. This is the second walkout at the Joliet facility. Workers staged a similar demonstration in October.