Amy Poehler steps behind the camera to direct 'Lucy and Desi' doc

Second City alum Amy Poehler is known for making us laugh in front of the camera, but now she’s stepping behind it to director a new documentary about the lives of two of the most famous comedians of all time…and why their personal lives were no laughing matter.

"Lucy and Desi" is the new documentary that follows the lives and legacies of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Director Amy Poehler spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about the danger of "meeting your heroes" and the idea that diving deep into their personal lives comes with the risk of having the image of your heroes tarnished.

"It’s interesting you say that," Poehler said, "because I think my job here was actually to bring the heroes back down to Earth because I think that when we start using words like ‘heroes’ and ‘icons’ and ‘trailblazers,’ we lose sight of the fact that there are people in the mix."


Poehler added "There are complicated, messy human people who say one thing and mean another and I think that humans love stories about other humans. Lucy and Desi were incredible innovators, super talented…but they were also people."

"Lucy and Desi" is streaming now on Amazon Prime.