Sandra Huller talks about starring in Oscar-nominated thriller 'Anatomy of a Fall'

"Did she do it?" That’s the question audiences are asking themselves after watching the five-time Oscar nominated thriller "Anatomy of a Fall."

The film follows a woman who is accused of murdering her husband by pushing him off of their home balcony – but it’s up to audiences to decide whether or not she’s actually guilty.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with the Oscar-nominated star of the film, Sandra Huller, about why even she didn’t decide whether or not her character committed the murder.

"I think the whole ambiguity of the film, and what it does to audiences – that they never knew which way to go – that the only way to do that was to not decide for myself," Huller said. "When I look at some murderers in history, they also were convinced of their own innocence."

The Oscar-nominated actress added "It didn’t matter if she did it or not because you just want to win."

"Anatomy of a Fall" is available now as video on demand.