Andersonville Farmers Market reopens on North Side

A sure sign of summer and a return to normalcy opened up on Chicago's North Side Wednesday.

The Andersonville Farmers Market returned on a bright, sunny day.


For one vendor setting up his produce stand, it was a thrilling return.

"Oh I can't even express it. It is so exciting. With the pandemic and everything, we haven't been here a year," said Bob Levin.

Levin works the market along with Kelly Voneyser for Nichols Farm and Orchard in McHenry County.

"We weren't here last year so we've missed everybody, so we're going to do some socializing here after we get all set up," Voneyser said.

The first customers started to arrive when the market opened at 3 p.m. Masks are required. You can't eat or drink on site and social distancing is expected in the larger location by Clark and Catalpa, as capacity increases about 40-percent over last year.

According to the market manager, Joan Oberndorf, the market can "have about 135, 140 people in at a time. And that does not include my vendors and that doesn't include my workers or my volunteers."

It is a hybrid market, which means you can order ahead for contactless pick up or wander through the 25 vendors in person, but make sure you wander with purpose.

"Stop, shop, and go, which means get what you need, shop around, and then leave so other people can enter in and that way we get lots and lots of people in the market," Oberndorf said.

Two other changes this year include being able to touch the produce and bringing your dog.

And just like the crops coming into the market, Oberndorf says, "This year feels like the beginning of more good things to come."

To learn more about the market, you can go to