Archdiocese of Chicago reaches $1.2M settlement over sexual abuse claims involving Daniel McCormack

The Archdiocese of Chicago will pay a reported $1.2 million to a person who claimed he was abused multiple times by Daniel McCormack, the defrocked priest at St. Agatha Catholic Church on the West Side.

The settlement avoids a lawsuit.

The attorney for the victim said his client was 12-years-old when he was sexually abused by McCormack multiple times in 2005.

The victim said he was abused at St. Agatha’s parish in Lawndale when he attended the after-school program called S.A.F.E. There were further allegations the Archdiocese of Chicago was aware of complaints about McCormack, yet allowed him to have access to children.


McCormack was accused in about 25 cases and pleaded guilty to abusing five children. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 and had been held in a state-run mental health facility until he was released in October.

The attorney for the victim, Lindsay Markley, said the church must be held accountable and compensation will help her client heal from trauma.

"Anyone who's been harmed can say they're whole and that might not be the best way to express it. He has been compensated and can move forward in a better way because of compensation" Markley said.

There are multimillion dollar settlements in other cases against McCormack.

The parish has been attempting to recover from McCormack's transgressions, but a clergy member at St. Agatha said Tuesday the scandal continues to re-victimize the parish. 

An Archdiocese of Chicago spokeswoman said the church does not comment on litigation or settlements.