ATF agent shot in Chicago takes stand in trial of accused gunman

The ATF agent shot in the Back of the Yards neighborhood took the witness stand Friday at the trial of his accused shooter.

He described what happened in the moments caught on surveillance video.

ATF Agent Kevin Crump can be seen on video stumbling to the ground after taking a bullet 13 months ago. At the trial of his alleged shooter, Ernesto Godinez, Crump took the witness stand.

"The initial gunshot took me to the ground," he said.

He said then he felt a lot of pain in his neck and his jaw, and blood covering his face. Doctors told him a single bullet had entered under his left ear and exited between his eyes. His vision still isn't what it was, but he is back at work.

Defense attorneys objected to Agent Crump's taking the stand, saying his appearance would be too inflammatory and nobody was contesting that he'd been shot.

Defense attorneys asked Crump whether he had seen who was doing the shooting, and he admitted he had not. Godinez denies he was the shooter.