Attack on elderly Asian woman in NY is the latest in disturbing wave of violence

A terrifying attack on an Asian American woman was caught on camera in New York.

The incident was the latest in a disturbing wave of violence targeting Asian Americans. Block Club Chicago reports a 60-year-old Chicago man was beaten in the 'Asia on Argyle' district over the weekend.

On Tuesday, FOX 32 News spoke with the head of "Asian Americans Advancing Justice" who says the attack itself in New York was not the only highly disturbing thing about the incident.

"It's pretty heartbreaking," said Andy Kang.


A 65-year old Asian woman who police say was on her way to church was brutally beaten right outside a New York City hotel, while the two workers seen on camera steps away do not appear to intervene in any way.

"Maybe they froze in the moment. They didn't intervene while the attack was happening. But then after the incident, not going outside to check on the woman? Seeing if she's ok? She clearly was very seriously injured from the attack," Kang said.

One of the workers is seen on video even closing the door in the immediate aftermath.

"If we don't look out for each other. If we're not being solid neighbors and standing up and intervening on each other's behalf, then what type of society are we working towards?" Kang said.

The attack comes on the heels of another video that surfaced on TikTok, showing the beating of an Asian man aboard a New York City subway. It was another incident where bystanders largely stood by and looked on.

Kang's "Asian Americans Advancing Justice" now offers anti-hate bystander intervention training to teach people de-escalation tactics that can be done from a safe distance.

"Our hope is to get as many folks into this so we can build stronger neighborhoods and really push back against this hate," Kang said.

Block Club Chicago reports a 60-year-old Vietnamese man was sucker-punched at the corner of Ainslie and Broadway last Saturday in an attack that may have been coordinated.

"That's a really worrisome one. I know the FBI is looking at it. The fact that the second guy had a baseball bat? That's very disturbing," Kang said.