Aurora 'Dream Scribers' program has already created 5 child authors

It’s a program that turns dreams into reality. Fairytales, poems, and ideas put on paper.

Dream Scribers was launched in September 2021. So far, the program has created five child authors.

"Mom told me I could write a book, and so I did," said Zipporah Soerens, 8-year-old author of The Defeat of the Hypnotizer.

At 8-years-old, "Zippy" is a self-published author.

"The Defeat of a Hypnotizer and it’s about me and my friends that go to a superhero school," she said.

"Zippy" isn’t alone. With no experience, children ages 7- to 16-years-old were part of the 12-week writing course. Their hard work and dreams became reality, as they all have books sold on Amazon.


The youngest is 7-years-old. Sofia Sanchez wrote a book about life.

"When I was 15, I was in high school," said Sofia, author of The Life of a Lion: Isabella's Journey. "We had so much school work, writing papers and doing science projects."

Sofia’s sister, 14-year-old Inez Sanchez, created a workbook for teens learning how to handle their emotions.

"When trying to achieve inner peace, we often get stuck. Why do we feel under the weight of our own expectations," said Inez, author of Am I Overreacting: A Teen's Guide to Controlling Emotions.

The oldest author, 16-year-old Anaya Jefferson, has sold multiple copies of her book of poems and is preparing to debut a non-fictional book soon.

"I started writing another book and I am on my 5th chapter right now," said Jefferson, author of I Gotta Find A Peace of Mind.

The program was created in Aurora by Toccara Hayes and Natalie Bonner. Both women are published authors.

"They learned how to set a goal and accomplish it, how to meet a deadline," said Hayes, founder of Dream Scribers.

"They have a path of earning an income if they continue to push and promoting their book," said Bonner, founder of Dream Scribers.

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