Aurora officials release terrifying audio of 9-1-1 calls, police radio during workplace attack

Dramatic audio was released Monday by the Aurora Police Department of 9-1-1 calls and police radio during the massacre inside the Henry Pratt factory 10 days ago.

It’s the first time we've heard exactly what police encountered, and how they tracked down and killed the gunman, Gary Martin.

After receiving emergency calls from employees about the shooter, Aurora police arrived and ran into the building, where they immediately began catching gunfire.

It was chaos, with police initially not knowing where the gunman was hiding. 

Then, police discovered the bodies of the victims. Teams of cops slowly searched the complex, at times finding terrified employees in hiding. 

After nearly an hour, police had Martin cornered before he was shot and killed. 

Five employees were killed. All five injured officers have now been released from the hospital. 

Henry Pratt re-opened Monday for manufacturing for the first time since the shooting.