Aurora teacher speaks out against COVID vaccine, masks: 'I am willing to lose my job'

An Aurora school district employee has gone rogue, sending a video to students promoting her views on the COVID-19 vaccine and anti-masking.

In the 9-minute video, art teacher Karly Olson of the Indian Prairie School District says administrators are forcing her to get the COVID vaccine and get tested for the virus.

"I feel that it's unconstitutional. I will never, ever, ever inject my body with something that is experimental. It doesn't qualify as a real vaccine. It's gene therapy," she said.

This video was posted to YouTube. Olson says she has been a teacher for 11 years. She calls masks muzzles and says they are being used as a form of control.

"I am willing to lose my job for this because I know that it's unconstitutional and I know that justice is going to be served and I don't think that a lot of these people above me understand that they're committing a crime," she said.


In a statement, the district says they are aware of the video. They say the views and opinions expressed in it are only those of the staff member and because of employee privacy laws, they cannot comment further.

FOX 32 reached out to Olson, but she has not returned our calls.