Authorities say daughter abandons elderly mom at the airport

Atlanta police were called to the airport rental dropoff lot late at night on Thursday. 

They found Josephine Reese, who is elderly and vision impaired, left in a car. 

Police say her daughter, for a reason unknown, abandoned her. There are now warrants out for the daughter, Miranda Sherelle Holt, for neglect. 

A car rental staffer saw Holt and told police she was reminded to get her mom but walked away after uttering something. 

If a court finds that what is alleged took place did occur, it would be serious says attorney Jackie Patterson. He notes that Georgia Endangerment laws were expanded in 2015 to add protections for the elderly as well as disabled individuals. 

Punishment for the crime is akin to shooting someone (aggravated assault) up to 20 years in prison.