Avondale residents upset by Amazon locker installed in the middle of sidewalk

Outrage is growing in Avondale after Amazon apparently installed a locker in the middle of a sidewalk.

The locker is in Brands Park, near a children's play area at California and Belmont.

Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez from the 33rd Ward shared photos stating that she believes it was installed in the wrong spot.


A relocation request was made to Amazon, and the company says it is working with the park district to move the locker.

Additionally, Amazon is reviewing planned locations for other lockers throughout the city.

Amazon released the following statement in regards to the locker:

"We value the community’s feedback and are taking action to respond to these concerns. We are working with the Chicago Park District to remove this Amazon Hub Locker from its current location as soon as possible. We are also reviewing our other Locker installations in partnership with Chicago Park District to ensure they are all located in appropriate areas that serve both customers and the community."

The Chicago Park District released the following statement as well:

"The Chicago Park District has a new partnership with Amazon Hub for installing delivery lockers at park locations across the city. Through this partnership, the Chicago Park District identified park locations for Amazon Lockers to be installed in 2020 and 2021. Locations will be dispersed throughout the city in neighborhood parks to provide this convenient amenity for residents in the area. These installations are being placed as an added offering to our park patrons and community members."