Backlash after Boystown bar attempts to ban rap

A backlash is brewing after a bar in Boystown attempted to ban rap music.

Many point to the ban at Progress bar as a rejection of a specific group: African Americans. It's not sitting well with some in the community.

Last weekend at the bar, police said an altercation came to a bloody end with a man punching a glass window. Rap music was allegedly playing when the incident happened.

Days later, in an email obtained by Fox 32 News, the bar announced it was implementing a 'no rap' policy.

"This is an example of black LGBT folks being scapegoated," said Rev. Jaime Frazier of Lighthouse Church. "They used this altercation as a way to enforce a ban."

The policy received immediate condemnation, with many online calling it racist.

The bar responded to the backlash on Facebook, writing "Everyone is welcome" and that they're "Looking to try something new."

Then, in a statement, owner Justin Romme reversed course, saying the ban was a "mistake" and that he is "truly sorry for the harm." He declined Fox 32 News' request for an interview.

"Our issue is not only with the ban itself, it is with the culture and climate of Boystown, which is often racist," Frazier said.