Bank robbed, suspect arrested after trying to flee via Red Line

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A Near North Side bank was robbed Thursday afternoon in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

FOX 32 was the only news crew on the scene when police brought the suspect back to the Fifth/Third Bank at State and Division so that employees could try to identify him as the bandit who an hour earlier had robbed them.

The FBI did what's called a "show up," allowing bank employees to look out the window and ID the suspect, who smiled almost nervously as he stood on display outside the police car. 

It was a dramatic end to crime where the suspect's getaway vehicle was the Red Line.

"29 W. Division there was a robbery, bank robbery they think the guy might have fled to the Red Line stop," the dispatcher said.

With the help of a small, covert GPS device secretly given to the robber along with the cash, police were able to track the suspect as he fled south on the train, followed by Air Fox.

"We're monitoring the tracker, we got it going southbound on the Red Line at about 29th Street right now, copy?" the dispatcher said.

Police tried to coordinate to have CTA stop the train to allow police to get to the station where the tracking device indicated the suspect was located.

"He's at 45 already now, 45th and the Red Line, 45th and the Red Line," the dispatcher said.

The suspect's picture was posted on the FBI's bandit tracker website, where it was noted he was wanted for two attempted bank robberies in the Gold Coast that occurred on June 1.

"We have an update on that tracker location? Still 69 and the Red Line?" the dispatcher said.

At the 69th Street station, police finally caught up with their man and took him into custody. They were also able to recover the cash. 

The dispatcher shouted for joy at the news as she alerted responding officers.

"Squad you can give a slow down he's in custody. Yeah!!!! He's in custody, you can slow down, in custody."