Cook County couple forced to pay red light ticket for vehicle that wasn't theirs

New state legislation would make it easier to fight automated tickets, generated by red light and speed cameras.

The Illinois bill seems to have bipartisan support.

The move comes after a Barrington couple was forced to pay a red light ticket even though they were able to prove the license plate was not theirs.

"This is not their car. This is not their license plate, and the hearing officer simply declined to accept their defense and then doubled the fine and sent them to collections," said state Sen. Dan McConchie.

"I had a gentleman contact me from my district who said he had sold a car several years ago, and continued to get tickets even though he didn't own the car."


Republican McConchie sponsors the proposed legislation. He says as it stands, state law allows local units of government to ignore the facts.

The new law would require the local government to dismiss the ticket if the vehicle owner can prove that the license plate or make of the vehicle is not theirs.