BBB warns of fake 'Hamilton' tickets

A furor has taken Chicago by storm, and its name is Hamilton.

Not only is the Broadway musical the hottest ticket in town, but it's the most expensive with first day tickets going for as high as $8K per pair.

The Hamilton ticket frenzy has officially arrived in Chicago. Fans began lining up Monday and by the time Good Day Chicago took to the air early Tuesday morning, those lines had extended far beyond The Private Bank Theatre.

The smash Broadway hit, Tony winner and cultural phenomenon doesn't open in Chicago until September and already people are parting with large sums of money to get their hands on tickets.

Vernon Esmond spent nearly $1200 on tickets for his wife.

"I could pick up a bunch of things...Michael Jordan's store is right down the street...I could use a pair of gym shoes...another jogging suit...many more things,” he said.

Zack Kotowski arrived at the box office at 5:30 a.m. and was still in line late Tuesday afternoon, and he actually should have been elsewhere.

REPORTER: Did you call off sick from work to be here?

“No, no...yeah, yeah I did,” Kotowski said.

Those who couldn't wait in line had other options and they were options that meant shelling out a lot more money. Stub Hub is selling tickets as high as $8,000 a pair.

With prices that high, there are always concerns surrounding phony tickets, which is something the BBB says happened a lot when Hamilton opened in New York City.

"New York had all these stories of people crying in line because they had put so much emotion into going to this show and found out they had fake can be hundreds even thousands of dollars right down the drain,” said Tom Johnson of the Better Business Bureau.

Legitimate websites like Stub Hub claim that 99-percent of their ticket sales are legitimate. However, the Better Business Bureau warns that thieves are already using the Internet to take advantage of people rushing to get their tickets.

"One of the big tip offs to the rip off is people wanting you to wire them money...that's a big problem...and the other one is people get in such a hurry, they're in such a fury to get their tickets they forget to look at the URL that's on the website and often there are fake websites out there to take in your information or try to get you to send them money,” Johnson added.

And there is a way to get tickets for cheap: 44 tickets set aside for every performance will be sold in a lottery for just $10 dollars.