Bear breaks into 2nd-floor apartment, searches fridge for food

(Eagle River Fire Protection District)

In a reverse case of the “Goldilocks” fairy tale, a lone bear busted in to a second-floor apartment early Saturday morning in Colorado before the resident came home to find the furry animal eating his food. It’s unclear if the resident’s food was too hot, too cold or just right.

Eagle River Fire Protection firefighters were able to coax the bear from the apartment without injuries to the four-legged intruder or any humans, The Denver Post reported. The resident locked himself in a room and called authorities after spotting the bear at 4:45 a.m. digging through his refrigerator.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported that more half of the state’s bear population had emerged from hibernation and were plenty hungry after their long winter nap.

Eagle River Fire Protection said on Facebook the video serves as a reminder that people should make their sure doors and windows are secured to keep the bears out.

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