Bear smashes car window, helps itself to leftover McDonald’s

Locals in the tiny town of Jackson, New Hampshire, are used to a few bears showing up this time of year, but there’s one particular bear that’s really making itself at home.

The police department posted photos and video on its Facebook page of the "nuisance" bear after it smashed a car window and helped itself to some leftover McDonald’s inside. It happened while the vehicle owner was having breakfast inside a restaurant.

Police told FOX Television Stations that he’s been spotted on porches, in trashcans and later, breaking a car window and "chowing down" on fast food.

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The department used the photos and video as a reminder to visitors and locals alike: Keep your car clear of snacks.


Photo credit: Jackson, NH, Police Department

"Hungry bear, don’t care," police said.

Bear safety tips

Among the first menu items on Jackson’s town website is a link to information about bear safety. These tips include:

  • Secure garbage at all times and consider a bear-proof trashcan. 
  • Don’t store trash inside near an open window or door. 
  • Don’t leave food or garbage uncovered outside
  • Don’t leave food or garbage in your vehicle. 
  • Don’t let dogs run free. 
  • Let grills burn long enough to burn off food remnants. Move grills into a garage or shed if possible when not in use. 
  • If you encounter a bear, make loud noises and back away slowly. Do not make eye contact. 
  • Don’t feed the bears!