Bear breaks into Southern California family's refrigerator, steals watermelon

A bear was caught on camera stealing a chunk of watermelon from a family's refrigerator in Southern California.

Video footage from Chris Yee taken on Sunday, May 12, shows the bear opening the freezer before rummaging through the refrigerator inside the family's garage in La Cañada Flintridge.

"Oh my God, it opened the fridge!" his daughter exclaimed excitedly.

As the garage door began to close, the bear hurried out, causing the door to stop. The bear then returned inside the garage.

A large bear ambles across a brick-patterned driveway in Southern California, a slice of watermelon clutched in its mouth.

A large bear broke into a fridge in Southern California and stole some watermelon. (Chris Yee via Storyful)

The bear was later seen walking across the driveway with the watermelon in its mouth before it sat down to eat its tasty contraband in the family's yard.


"The bear plucked out of the refrigerator a third of a watermelon that was sliced and then proceeded to walk to our front yard to sit and eat it," Yee said.

The bear left soon after.