Beloved 'Chicago Rat Hole' removed by construction crews

The "Chicago Rat Hole" is no more after city construction crews removed it Wednesday morning. 

The city's most unusual attraction – the imprint of a rat pressed into the concrete – was located in the 1900 block of West Roscoe Street in Roscoe Village

It was discovered in January by local artist and comedian, Winslow Dumaine, when it turned into a social media phenomenon. 

In just two days after Dumaine shared a photo of the rat hole to "X," it had five million views. 

Since then, visitors near and far have ventured to the landmark, leaving candles, stuffed animals, shrines and more. 

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Although the rat hole is no longer in the ground, construction crews reportedly preserved the concrete piece. It is believed to be in the possession of the Chicago Department of Transportation. 

It's unknown what will become of the iconic piece after its removal.