Beyonce brings her world tour to Chicago

"The Beehive" swarmed Soldier Field Friday night. Yes, that’s what Beyoncé fans call themselves.

The ‘Queen B’ performed for a sold out show. She is playing two shows in Chicago as part of "The Formation World Tour."

If you caught Beyonce at the halftime show of the Super Bowl, you got a small sample of what fans are seeing and hearing at Soldier Field.

As big as Beyoncé has become, she's got plenty of haters who say her new music is too militant. But fans we talked to say no way.

She’s one of the most iconic performers in the world. Beyoncé’s 'Formation' tour is also not without controversy. In Miami, the Fraternal Order of Police vowed to boycott Beyoncé, even launching a Facebook page claiming her performances are racially divisive.

"Absolutely not. I feel she's a world artist...she speaks to different people different ways..I think people who are saying that are not fans and haven't listened to her music,” said Brad Gray.

Beyoncé’s music resonates with fans in Chicago, especially given the recent history of violent encounters between police and African Americans.

"Since her new album came out, I think that she has pretty much showed everyone that black lives do matter and there's been a lot of fuss about that here lately,” said Jacob Longoria.

And while there are plenty of men in attendance, the vast majority of fans lining up are women and they’re singing Beyoncé’s praises.

"She just empowers black women. Not even black women just women period. She's just a positive role model,” said Kyla Lucas. "Beyoncé is like you know what, screw this societal notion that I am nothing but my body. Look at me, say something intelligent."