Billy Bob Thornton talks about walking away after final season of 'Goliath'

Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton takes his big-screen skills to the small screen in the popular Amazon series "Goliath."

Thornton is entering his fourth and final season playing a disgraced lawyer on the show, and spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about what it’s like walking away from a character after spending so much time with him.

"I think you think about them for a period of time," Thornton said. "Some longer than others. In this case, the character is so close to me – I mean, it’s kind of like I was playing myself if I was a lawyer in L.A., so I think this character will be with me for a while because it’s kind of me."


Hamilton asked Thornton which of his cinematic movie roles he wished he could have spent years with like he did his "Goliath" character.

His answers: Ed Crane in the Coen Brothers film "The Man Who Wasn’t There" and Jacob in the Sam Raimi drama "A Simple Plan."

All seasons of "Goliath" are now streaming on Amazon.