Bitter cold returns to Chicago with a vengeance

FOX 32 NEWS - Chicagoans who cheerfully say hats off to summer are saying hats, hoods and scarves on to winter.

Some amenities at the Christkindle Market helped, somewhat.

“The hot wine, my Bulls gloves, scarf,” said Stephanie Gerkin, adding it was not enough to keep her warm.

“I had a scarf on and it wasn't warm enough so I bought this scarf here and he bought a hat and gloves because we were thinking it was going to be warmer,” said Gabriel Gardner.

Some, like a bundled up toddler holding her mother’s mitten covered hand, were stomping their feet it was so chilly. Others said nuts to the cold and instead decided to take this blast of bitterness with a positive attitude, seeing the cup as half full.

“It's beautiful. I come every year I wouldn't miss it for nothing,” said Dan Stein as he sipped a stein of hot wine. But would he come out if the temperatures dropped below zero? “Well, that's negotiable.”

The thought of the temperatures dropping below zero had some people giving FOX 32 the cold shoulder.

“Ask someone else please,” said a cold looking woman as she stood with friends. Too cold for an interview we asked? “Yes,” she said.

Others let it slide.

“You know what, we just did some ice skating with my family over at Millennium Park, and that warmed us up so it was perfect to come over here, get a little hot for the wife, cold for me,” said Craig Likhite while holding a cup of dark beer in one hand and a cup of hot wine in the other.

And while winter has its fans, the frigid forecast isn't causing much holiday cheer.

“I can't wait for the snow, I love the snow,” said Cade Likhite, who did not like the thought of sub-zero temperatures. “No I don't want to bundle up that much."

“You just kind of got to suck it up and just get with the weather,” said Kasey Meckert, offering to share a bite of hot potato pancake. “But it's cold.”

Yes, it is. And it’s going to get even colder in the days ahead.