Bitter cold temps to continue through Monday in Chicago

(Rolando Cervantes / Flickr)

As Chicago creeps toward minus 13 degrees early Monday, some people will be rooting for a record: Come on, mercury! Drop!

“Some people would say if you’re going to get this cold, you might as well set a record doing it,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Gino Izzo said Sunday night.

“Minus 14 is Chicago’s record for December 19. It was set back in 1983. We’ll probably fall just a hair short of that,” Izzo said.

Expect wind chills between minus 15 and minus 30 early Monday.

“Some people are having fun with the cold by throwing hot water into the air and watching it vaporize before hitting the ground,” Izzo said.

Temperatures should rise into the single digits Monday afternoon and continue to rise into more seasonable norms throughout the week, with highs in the 30s and lows in the teens.