Black bear opens car door, terrifies family driving through Yellowstone


Black bears have been enjoying a leisurely summer filled with human-like activities, from taking a dip in a backyard pool to planting a kiss on an unsuspecting sunbather.

But one family’s recent encounter with a bear in Yellowstone was a little too up-close and personal for comfort.

A family driving through the national spotted a black bear near the side of the road and stopped the car to take pictures.

In the video, the animal is seen walking up to the side of the parked vehicle, and a young voice can be heard saying, “Dad, the bear’s right next to us.” The bear peers at the man inside the car—and then proceeds to open the unlocked car door.

Frantic screams can be heard as the bear manages to open the door of the minivan. The father drops his camera and slams the door shut as the family drives away.

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