Bloom Trail High School teacher faces unrelated child seduction charges after sexual abuse allegations surface

The video above is from a previous report from May 17.

STEGER, Ill. — A coach and teacher at Bloom Trail High School in suburban Steger is facing child seduction charges nearly a month after being named in a civil lawsuit. 

Ronald Giglio, of northwest Indiana, faces two counts of child seduction.

The charges were filed about a month after a woman, identified as 'Jane Doe,' outlined alleged abuse in a civil lawsuit against Bloom Trail High School, the school district and Giglio, who has since been placed on administrative leave. According to the high school, these charges are not connected to the civil lawsuit filed by "Jane Doe."

Jane Doe said she did not report the misconduct at the time because Giglio warned her he could lose his job. However, she alleged that school leaders and other teachers were aware of the misconduct when she was a student.

Ronald Giglio (Lake County Sheriff)

The civil lawsuit alleged that Giglio began to groom the plaintiff when she was a sophomore and by the time she was a junior, they were having a sexual relationship, meeting on and off school grounds.

Following the lawsuit's filing, Jane Doe's attorney reported that other women have come forward, claiming they had similar experiences with this teacher and softball coach.

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Just last year, Lia Husack was a freshman in Giglio’s social studies class.

"He would take me to his closet to give me popsicles to reward me for being a good student. He would touch my legs. He would rub my back as he walked past me and as I was sitting there doing my work. He would cause arguments if I wouldn't go in his closet with him and send me down to the dean’s office," said Husack. "I went straight to the principal's office. She did nothing about it."

Both she and her mom, Jenafer Sailsbery, tried to tell on him.

The video below is from a previous report from May 16.

"It's a year later and nothing has been done, and they're trying to make it okay that the lawsuit is from two decades ago when it's still happening. How is that okay?" said Sailsbery.

Giglio is not only a teacher, but also a softball coach. One former student and player said she quit the team after she tried to report something to administrators about Giglio, but nothing happened.

 Bloom Trail High School released the following statement in response to the charges: 

"Ron Giglio has been on administrative leave since May 14, 2024, when the District was served with the "Jane Doe" complaint. Since then, the District has been conducting its internal investigation with the assistance of the District attorney, which is still ongoing. This investigation is not related to Giglio's arrest in Indiana."