Breakup blues? Indiana shelter offers Valentine's Day poop-gram fundraiser

Are you dreading Valentine's Day due to a recent break-up? Well, this Indiana animal shelter has a sweet way for you to get revenge.

The Humane Society of Hobart, Inc. posted Thursday about its one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day fundraiser, partnering with Region Scoopers Dog Waste Removal. 

"Sometimes love just stinks… but we have just the thing!" the shelter said in the post. 

You can adopt a shelter pet at the humane society and "find all the love you need" and "vent about love lost" by taking part in the waste removal company's fundraiser.

For $5 each, you can have your ex's name on a dog poop bag. 

And don't worry – you'll know the dirty deed has been done because you'll receive a photo of the poop bag. 

All the proceeds will go to the humane society. The last day to order your poo-gram is Feb. 13. 

You can learn more about the fundraiser here.